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Dr. Rachel

This study club means so much to me personally and professionally. Despite the virtual setting, I truly feel as though I’m a part of a community of like-minded practitioners who are all striving to better themselves and their practices. Bill and Jim have succeeded in the exceptionally difficult task of creating a forum that is open, honest, supportive, and non- judgmental, making it easy to learn and grow through their teachings. And what we’ve learned through Global Diagnosis has completely changed the way I practice dentistry. Throughout my career I’ve made a point to expose myself to high-quality continuing education, but nothing has come close to providing a comprehensive, easy to implement diagnostic system as this study club. Bill and Jim are excellent teachers, and both have the ability to simply complex diagnostic, restorative, and occlusal concepts in a way that makes them understandable and easy to implement clinically. Thanks to this program, I’ve become a better diagnostician, and as a result can provide my patient family a higher quality of care. It’s also made dentistry more fun and make treatment planning comprehensive cases less overwhelming. This study club has enabled me to look at each patient systematically, so whether it’s a single tooth restoration or an interdisciplinary treatment plan, I’m able to have a thorough understanding of their diagnosis and how that will impact the treatment I’m proposing. As a result, dentistry is more predictable, enjoyable, and profitable. I tell all of my friends and colleagues about this study club and couldn’t recommend it enough.