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This study club means so much to me personally and professionally. Despite the virtual setting, I truly feel as though I’m a part of a community of like-minded practitioners who are all striving to better themselves and their practices. Bill and Jim have succeeded in the exceptionally difficult t


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Dr. Rachel 
Dr. Rachel

Becoming a member of the GDE community clearly became an essential step in my fulfillment as a comprehensive dentist. 

Meeting Drs Robbins and Otten answered a life long wish of finding a mentor.  Their vast knowledge as well as their dedication and superb skill of sharing their dental experi


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Dr. Anna 
Dr. Anna

I have felt very blessed, grateful, appreciative and honoured to have had the opportunity to
meet the mentors of GDE, Dr. Bill Robbins and Dr. Jim Otten the last 2 years.  Belonging to this group has been a positive highlight and outcome as a result of the global pandemic we all
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Dr. Ivy 
Dr. Ivy

In March 2020, the world shutdown. The covid sabbatical was a great opportunity to engage dentistry in a novel way. I discovered ACT dental as Kirk and company were linked into the smartest minds in dentistry and through this collaboration, I felt new connections were made throughout the field.  T


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Dr. Matt 
Dr. Matt

What global diagnosis has meant to me……….I signed up for the global diagnosis study club for 2 reasons, one was that I wanted to improve my understanding of dentistry in order to provide a better service to my patients, the second was both you and Dr. Robbins were the nicest, sweetest, fun


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Dr. Cathy 
Dr. Cathy

Global Diagnosis Education been the best continuing education and professional development organization I have been in. It’s like being in a AGD Residency online! 

It has made me a better clinician because it has taught me to be a better diagnostician, treatment planner, and executer. I have


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Dr. Sandra 
Dr. Sandra

The Global Diagnosis study club is nothing short of exceptional. As someone who is striving to become the best dentist possible, I feel privileged to learn from some of the best dental educators on a weekly basis. What a gift!  To anyone looking for a mentor, searching for clinical answers, seekin


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Dr. Jon 
Dr. Jon

About GDE

Global Diagnosis Education could be considered just a virtual study club, but is so much more. Specifically, it is also a highly structured continuum based around our global diagnosis system of diagnosing and treatment planning. We will talk about everything from single tooth dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation, with an emphasis on occlusion/TMJ, and most importantly, how to implement this learning. Every lecture will be recorded and placed in our library, which will be available to all members. The continuum will be an ongoing process with the goal of growing interdisciplinary dentistry in your practice.


Global Dental Community

We want to build a community of engaged learners with the shared goal of providing complete dentistry for our patients.

Global Diagnosis Academy

The Academy is our core learning curriculum. Global Diagnosis will teach you how to implement a clear, concise, and thoughtful system to diagnose and treatment plan the interdisciplinary patient.

Global Diagnosis Mastery

GDE will bring together some of the brightest minds in dentistry to present the latest and best science, techniques, and advanced strategies for implementation in your practice.

Our Topics and Library Include (but are not limited to):

  • Global Diagnosis…your pathway to interdisciplinary care
  • Occlusal evaluation …joint based and in the Global Diagnosis way
  • Practice philosophy: Office management systems, new patient experience, behavioral profiles, insurance, Your “Why”
  • Airway: diagnosis and management of the pediatric and adult patient, correction through orthodontics, prosthodontics treatment, corrective surgical intervention  and mandibular advancement devices
  • Dental Materials, frequent reviews by the experts
  • Ortho/Perio/Restorative Interface, communication with specialists,  sequencing treatment, Pre-orthodontic bonding

Advanced Occlusion Study Club: Global Diagnosis Mastery Course

Learn More Here


  • April 23, 2024
  • May 5, 2024
  • June 18, 2024
  • September 17, 2024
  • October 22, 2024
  • November 26, 2024
  • January 13, 2025
  • February 11, 2025
  • March 11, 2025
  • April 8, 2025

In person Chicago Workshop dates: December 12-13, 2024!


Monthly Live Events: Wednesdays 8pm-10pm EST

The recorded sessions contain the fundamental lectures that are the foundation of the Global Diagnosis Protocol for Interdisciplinary Dentistry and Joint and Airway Evaluation. We will have 2-3 online session per month with a combination of lectures and workshops for case evaluation, practice management and leadership/behavioral dynamics. Each year we will have an in person Symposium to get together and share our learning and our experiences. There will be a significant emphasis on the ortho/perio/restorative interface. It is our hope that each general dentist can be joined by their orthodontist and periodontist. We have been teaching Global Diagnosis for many years and this is the culmination of our dream to mentor a study club based on this concept.

GDE Meetings 2024

Feb 7 – Dr. Nate Lawson – Current Concepts in Ceramic Bonding

Feb 28 – Dr Bill Robbins – Back to basics 4-5-6 Global Diagnosis review

Mar 13 Kirk Behrendt – Stop Overworking! Learn how the best dentists earn more by knowing more and working less

Mar 29 – Member case presentation (Friday morning at 10am CST)

April 10 – Mentor presentations and facilitation (we may do this on Friday the 12th depending on your preferences)

April 24 – Dr Dennis Hartlieb – Management of the congenitally missing lateral incisor

GDE Symposium Featuring Dr. Kyle Stanley
September 6,7 2024
Milwaukee WI

Our Dentists

Dr. Bill Robbins

J. William Robbins, D.D.S., M.A., maintains a full-time private practice and is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Dental School in 1973. He completed a rotating internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Leavenworth, Kansas and a 2-year General Practice Residency at the V.A. Hospital in San Diego, California. Dr. Robbins has published over 80 articles, abstracts, and chapters on a wide range of dental subjects and has lectured in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, China, and Africa. He coauthored a textbook, Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry – A Contemporary Approach, which is published by Quintessence, and is in its 4th edition. He recently co-authored a new textbook, Global Diagnosis – A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, which is also published by Quintessence. He is a diplomate of the American Board of General Dentistry. He is past president of the American Board of General Dentistry, the Academy of Operative Dentistry, the Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry, and the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Jim Otten

Dr. Jim Otten maintains a full time private practice in Lawrence, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1981. He completed a General Practice and Hospital Dentistry Residency at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1982. Dr. Otten completed the entire educational series at the Dawson Academy and at the Pankey Institute. In addition, he completed the complete series at the Piper Education and Research Center. He served as Visiting and Lead Faculty at the Pankey Institute from 1996-2018, and was a member of the Curriculum Development Committee from 1996-2012. He has also served as Visiting Faculty at Spear Education in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2014. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on Occlusion, TMD/Occlusal Splint Therapy, Optimal Restorative Care and the Concept of Naturally Adaptive Dentistry. He is a Fellow in the American College of Dentists, a member of the Class One Triple Plus Cub at the Pankey Institute, and a member of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Gary DeWood

Dr. DeWood has been practicing restorative dentistry since 1980 when he earned his DDS from Case Western Reserve University. He earned an MS in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Toledo College of Medicine in 2004. He has been actively involved in teaching since 1992, and in 2003 teaching became his primary activity when he accepted a position as Clinical Director at The Pankey Institute. In 2008 he relocated to Seattle to serve as president of The Seattle Institute, Dr. Frank Spear’s education company. As one of the two founding clinicians of Spear Education, the other being Dr. Spear, he relocated to Phoenix to serve as executive vice president of the newly formed Spear Education continuing education center in Scottsdale. A position he held for more than 15 years.  Spear Education became an internationally recognized dental continuing education company and a leader in exceptional dental continuing education. It was sold to a venture capital firm and his position was eliminated in 2023. Gary has also held positions as assistant professor at the Arizona School of Oral and Dental Health; associate professor at the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry; and assistant professor at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. Today he is active in several educational groups, the most noteworthy being this one, Global Diagnosis Education. He is active with speaking engagements and works with individual and group practices in consulting and coaching. He continues to see patients in private practice with his practice partner Dr. Lee Ann Brady at Desert Sun Smiles in Glendale, Arizona. Gary and Cheryl, who retired from orthodontic practice in 2023, have been married since 1978 and reside in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Our Mission

The mission of Global Diagnosis Education is to provide a unique, online educational continuum with ongoing support and mentorship to a diverse community of dentists who desire to learn a thoughtful, systematic, implementable approach to interdisciplinary dentistry.

Our Vision

We believe that learning is a continual journey and that the talent and skills of the passionate dentist are often under-utilized.

We Understand  that you want to deliver ideal care and seek out new experiences to deliver exceptional results. You thrive in a safe space where you can learn and discuss success and failure in an open and understanding environment.

We strive to be guides on your journey of learning by facilitating a progressive learning community of like minded professionals to walk together on a path of excellence.

We Know that by simplifying the complex and providing ongoing mentorship, we can create an environment that empowers dentists to practice to their full potential and live enriched, fulfilling lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GDE like an ongoing study club?

Yes, but it is much more than a study club. GDE is a continuum of learning which emphasizes every step, from data gathering to diagnosis, to creating a treatment plan, to presentation and acceptance and delivering treatment.

How will I attend the Wednesday meetings?

You will be sent a link for a Zoom meeting.

Is there a long-term membership commitment?

No, we hope that the continuum will meet each of your individual needs. However, if it doesn’t, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Will the membership fee increase in the next 12 months?

No, the membership fee is set for the calendar year in which you join.

Is this study club and community only appropriate for dentists who have attended other institutes, and have experience in treating the complex dental patient?

No, we have members with all levels of experience. The goal of GDE is to provide a platform which allows you to grow on your individual journey.

What’s the difference between this program and other online dental CE?

The Global Diagnosis Education continuum is unique in three ways. First, it is a cohesive and sequential learning platform that aims to simplify the complex. Second, it is interactive with assignments meant to help you solidify your learning. Third, it provides ongoing support and mentorship so, if you do the work, you can implement it in your practice





How often will we meet?

We will meet 2-3 times per month.

Will I receive continuing education credit?

Yes, we are a PACE certified provider. When you attend the live lecture, you will be given a start and finish code, which you will submit for course credit.

Can a dentist join the GDE community at any time?

Yes, because we have an extensive learning library anyone can join and achieve high value at any time!

Will I have access to Drs. Robbins and Otten to answer my questions?

Yes, this will occur in 2 different ways. First, there will be a Q&A session at the end of each lecture and some of the questions posted in the chat will be answered. Second, we will have an interactive blog on our platform that will be monitored by the faculty.

Will I be required to purchase anything as a requirement of membership?

No. However, if you want to implement the information you will be learning, you will need a camera, a facebow or dentofacial analyzer, a semi-adjustable articulator, a Doppler auscultation unit and a few smaller items.  If you do not currently own these items, do not purchase them yet because we will be making recommendations.

When will the GDE meetings be live?

GDE will meet on Wednesday’s from 8-9:30 pm (Eastern).

Join our Global Diagnosis Program Today!