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Dr. Ivy

I have felt very blessed, grateful, appreciative and honoured to have had the opportunity to
meet the mentors of GDE, Dr. Bill Robbins and Dr. Jim Otten the last 2 years.  Belonging to this group has been a positive highlight and outcome as a result of the global pandemic we all
experienced in 2020.   GDE has allowed me to grow, thrive and gain greater skills and expertise in
diagnosing and treatment planning my patients that I was not aware of or had knowledge of.  As a
result, I have gained more confidence in taking care of my patients’ overall oral health and
wellness.  I have achieved greater success in long term predictability of the dental treatment I
provide.  I have also gained greater knowledge of the root causes of compromised oral and dental
conditions which allows me to be a better healer and clinician.  I can also communicate better with
my patients, colleagues and other professionals that I am collaborating with.  The support from Bill
and Jim as well as the community, has resulted in more joy, happiness and contentment to continue
to do the work that I do every day.   I am more capable, confident and experienced in order to
empower others and enhance and change lives every day for the foreseeable future.  This emotional
and mental wellbeing is critical for success and joy in all aspects of my life.